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Due to the modern way of life many people experience a broken energy system which is unable to absorb the light vibrations from the universal electromagnetic field – EMF. This leads not only to an increase in physical illnesses but also to an increase in people’s psychological vulnerability. The complementary quantum or energy medicine works on repairing the human energy system: it doesn’t perceive the body as matter but considers everything as a network of various information and vibrations shaping both the body as well as the aura. We can determine the quality of an individual field, whether as flowing and healthy or blocked and unhealthy, depending on the purity of the vibration, the direction of movement of this electromagnetic field, its particular balance and its formation as a whole.

The P.E.C.A. services focus on studying a specific electromagnetic field within the human body, in the energy field or aura or in a particular space. Based on these energy examinations we are able to offer appropriate solutions that help an individual restore their energy balance and eliminate various imbalanced states. The illnesses that affect us are actually physical manifestations of energy imbalances or energy blockages.

Three fundamental services of P.E.C.A. measurements and interpretations of electromagnetic fields have been developed, which wholly enable a better quality of life for an individual.

  1. An EMF examination of the physical body
  2. An EMF examination of the psychic body or aura
  3. An EMF examination of a space

The measurements are conducted according to the internationally recognised and measurable P.E.C.A. method.

EMF – electromagnetic field

  • The physical body
    The physical body

    Treatment of the physical body’s EMF according to the P.E.C.A.® method

    At the level of the body we can measure the EMF of individual cells, tissues, organs, fluids, glands, etc. The aim of the measurements is not to diagnose but to determine which structure in the body has a disturbance in its energy activity, and to determine what will eliminate this disturbance, so that the body structure will be able to receive such an appropriate energy potential that will allow it a more balanced or healthy functioning.

    Complementary medicine does not diagnose nor define diseases, but focuses on other tasks. Therefore, this profession complements the official medicine, does not exclude it and strictly follows all instructions of doctors, both general as well as specialists.

    The examination is intended for every person who is not satisfied with having only a diagnosis of the condition of the body, but also wants to know why this condition occurred and what they can do to help with their recovery, increase their well-being and perhaps eradicate the possibility of this illness or problem reoccurring. It is also helpful for those who want to know how at a given moment they can restore the energy balance in their body, and also for those who are unsure as to which nutritional supplement would actually help them restore the energy balance in their body, and for how long it is useful to use it.

  • The psychic body
    The psychic body

    Treatment of the psychic body’s EMF according to the P.E.C.A.® method

    On the aural level we measure the EMF of individual experiences and feelings of a person at the level of emotions, thoughts and the experiencing of energies beyond their awareness, which they cannot self-explain or comprehend. The examination shows precisely which records the soul holds in its electromagnetic fields, which vibrate above the physical body and extend approximately a metre from it. We observe seven energy bodies that simultaneously form a comprehensive network of energy supplies from the universal energy field to each individual. It consists of a complex anatomy of energy bodies, main and auxiliary energy centres and small acupressure and acupuncture points on the meridian pathways.

    The energy field or aura carries plenty of information that the soul has brought forth into this form of life, as well as a lot of information that has been registered in this life. The precise definition of the blockage on this level enables for a quick release of the accumulated charge of heavy psychic energy, making it easier for a person to experience and accept themself in this world.

    The aural examination is intended for anyone with psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, neurosis, impaired concentration, extreme exhaustion etc., or simply a current psychological state, such as restlessness, loss of independence, self-confidence, strong attachment to loved ones, or other psychological problems that prevent a person from a enjoying a joyful and relaxed life here and now. At the same time the energy examination of the aura can also help a person understand what their soul's purpose is, what patterns they need to resolve, and what to better follow and listen to inside of them, to live and breathe in accordance with the universal electromagnetic field which always supports them in realising their true purpose in life.

  • Space

    Treatment of the space’s  EMF according to the P.E.C.A.® method

    The space in which we live or work is an extremely important factor in human life. Each space shapes its own EMF which, according to its quality of energy, affects the quality of a person’s life.

    We spend most of our lives indoors and, subconsciously, we feel good in some spaces and bad in others. Every space we live in possesses its own energy laws. It is directly subordinate to the basic forces of nature, which are active in it in any given moment. Based on how this space is positioned among the forces of nature, we can describe one type of quality of space, which also has a huge impact on humans, animals and plants that reside in this structure.

    In addition to being integrated into the forces of nature, spaces also record information from the very beginning of creation, through all historical periods. Information, invisibly and inaudibly inscribed in the various energy layers of a space, that can either be extremely destructive to the living beings residing there, or quite encouraging and supportive. Based on this we examine the energy purity or impurity of a certain space.

    Based on a space’s position in nature and the energy purity of a space’s aura, we have developed a professional approach according to the P.E.C.A. method to the energy healing of a space and a more balanced activity of the forces of nature on this space.

    The EMF measurements specify what kind of energy, energy orientation, balance and integrity as well as purity, an individual energy field of a home, work space or a plot of land has. Based on these measurements a precise set of measures is prepared, to improve or balance an individual space’s field to such an extent that living in it is healthy and normal.

    The examination is primarily intended for all those who have, in a certain place, fallen ill, became mentally numb or have fallen into specific states of internal helplessness from which they cannot see a way out. It is equally intended for people who feel that they are not advancing or who feel that it is difficult for them to improve themselves through learning, for example children, pupils, students. This examination is intended for private accommodations as well as for public institutions, hospitals, health spas, hotels, businesses, kindergartens, schools, etc.

Human energy structure

Based on the knowledge of the functioning of the human energy system we try to determine where, in your body or space, there is an improper flow or stagnation of energy and why this has occurred.

Once you become aware of the causes of your problems we assist you in eliminating them, with the help of the P.E.C.A. services, and in establishing a healthy flow of energy


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