Soothe your emotional body
and sharpen your intuition.

The P.E.C.A. energy underpants are connected with the sexual or emotional energy vortex which is situated beneath the navel and in the lower back area.

The frontal energy vortex supplies the energy from the universal field into the hormonal glands and internal reproductive organs. In females those are the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovary, the cervix, the vagina, and the epididymides; testicles and prostate in men, together with the general sex organs. At the same time, the frontal vortex supplies energy to the bladder, the urethra, ureters and the small intestine. The posterior energy vortex supplies energy to the nerves in the lower back and informs the nervous system by correcting the energy flows along the spinal cord. This provides the strength and will for a person’s balanced attitudes towards their partner, emotions and sex.

The cotton underpants are specifically designed to mend the frontal and posterior sexual or emotional vortex. The P.E.C.A. symbol is located directly under the navel.

The bamboo underpants have smaller P.E.C.A. symbols embroidered along the entire surface to act as small vortexes of electromagnetic fields correcting not only the structures of the main emotional centres, but also other substructures, such as the groin energy vortexes, the smaller vortexes informing the hips and pelvis and an even smaller vortex supplying the energy into the anus and rectum.

Products made from bamboo fibres are pleasant and very comfortable. The fabric is soft and gentle but extremely durable. It looks elegant and has a silky feel against the skin. The bamboo fibres are 100% naturally degradable so when the fabric is discarded it dissolves naturally and with no harm to the environment.
Bamboo fibres immediately soak up and release moisture. They regulate the body’s temperature in a completely natural way. They keep you warm during the winter and they help cool you off in the summer. They enable the skin to breathe by not sticking on the body. They also protect against the Sun by reflecting 98% of UV-rays. This is why garments produced from bamboo fibres are suitable for all sorts of sports activities.
Bamboo also has a natural antibacterial effect. This means that fabrics made from bamboo fibres protect the skin from bacteria and prevent their multiplying. They also reduce the chances of fungal or bacterial infections. Women’s undergarments also help reduce vaginal infections. It prevents the development of strong odours when sweating. Bamboo fabric is especially recommended to people with allergies and expectant mothers.
All bamboo products in the P.E.C.A. shop are organic and certified according to the following standards:
-    Oeko Tex Standard 100,
-    BVQI standard (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).

Because of cotton’s exceptional characteristics the products made from this fabric are extremely common.
Its biggest advantage is in its moisture absorption capabilities or hygroscopy, since cotton can absorb up to 27% of moisture at 95% air humidity.
It is also easy to maintain: most cotton products can easily be washed in the washing machine at 90 degrees Celsius.
Cotton garments are pleasant to the touch, cool and airy.