P.E.C.A. Terry socks – cotton

The P.E.C.A. energy socks provide you with increased inner stability, determination and balance in thoughts, words and actions.

Product Code: #0P-17/ZBIRNI

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How they work:

A damaged and improper activity of the previously mentioned vortexes blocks the energy’s access to their related body structures. With time, these may then damage or fall ill.

  • Regular use of the P.E.C.A. socks purifies the stalled energy in these vortexes.

  • It energises them with fresh, pure power of the universal energy.

  • It centralises them into a vertical energy axis to create a perfect balance of cosmic and terrestrial lines of force or actions and reactions in the body.

  • The socks heal and strengthen all of the vortexes’ weak energy membrane, protecting the structures from harmful vibrations from the Earth and the environment, thus increasing a person’s sense of security, stability and groundedness.

All of this is very beneficial to a person’s physical body and their aura or psychological well-being. They feel more relaxed, have more energy, are more creative and experience greater advancement and stability in their awareness of self and of the environment in which they live.

Instructions for use:

  • It is recommended to wash with the red P.E.C.A. soaps for two consecutive days prior to first using the socks as they will intensely purify the vortexes and render the socks’ activity even more effective.

  • They can be worn daily instead of regular socks.

  • To mend the energy vortexes it is recommended to use them regularly for at least 70 consecutive days.

  • Afterwards, continue using them until the psychological condition or the problems in the mentioned body structures fully normalise – possibly for several years.

They are intended as an energy support:

  • Everyone, regardless of age or sex, who experience blockades or different health issues in the mentioned structures or psychological problems.

  • All who, due to their work, spend a lot of time standing and feel exhaustion and tiredness in the legs and feet.

  • All recreation and professional athletes who, because of rubber footwear, lack direct contact with the Earth’s vibration and its information.

Structure: the energy socks with the P.E.C.A. symbol embroidered on the soles are composed of 90 % organic cotton and 10 % elastane. They are thin and very elastic – as they don’t compress the legs they are suitable for people suffering from leg swelling.
Sizes: 37–39, 40–42, 43–45, 46–48
Colour: white
Maintenance: wash in a washing machine up to 60°C, drying in a dryer is not recommended.
Shrinkage: maximum 10 % in width and length.
Produced and distributed by: P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o., Ljubljana.