P.E.C.A. Undermat - cotton

The P.E.C.A. energy undermat, with its light code, transforms your thoughts and emotions into a new, positive energy, energetically purifying your bed, therapeutic table or workout equipment. It transforms negative effects of radiation and negative ground information. Wherever it’s placed, it enables a calm, healthy and relaxed rest for a person’s body and psyche. The undermat is produced of 100 % cotton and an inner layer of polyurethane coating which prevents liquids from pouring through while also having an antibacterial effect.

Product Code: #0P-60

The P.E.C.A. energy undermat comes with two imprinted P.E.C.A. symbols which supply energy to the spinal energy vortexes, also called the vortexes of will power. Injuries to the spine, sleeping on energetically poor and blocked vibrations or ground radiations damage the five spinal structures vital to the supply of energy to the spine and the peripheral nervous system. When damaged, these vortexes psychologically destroy a person’s will power in certain areas of their lives, preventing them from functioning correctly.

  • The lumbar or pelvic vortex on the lower back is connected to the level of sexual energy and sexual will.

  • The posterior solar plexus vortex located above the kidneys defines a person’s relationship towards their health and the will to self-heal.

  • The spinal heart vortex located between the shoulder blades expresses the will to socialise with those close to us.

  • The spinal throat vortex defines the type of energy a person uses to function in society, at work or among peers.

  • The subcranial vortex is connected to the realisation of creative ideas in practice.

How it works?

On whichever part of the spine we place it, the undermat mends the damaged energy structures in four steps:

  • It purifies the energy vortexes of the dark energies’ accumulated smog.

  • It energises the vortexes by supplying them with fresh vital energy.

  • It centralises them into the spinal axis which rebalances the inner structures’ activity and a person’s psychological functions.

  • The P.E.C.A. symbol closes and aurally protects these structures’ membrane from harmful outer energies.

Whenever we lie on the stomach, the undermat has the same effects on the frontal main vortexes.

The P.E.C.A. undermat also transforms into pure flowing energy field all personal energies and information of illnesses left by people as an energy imprint in their home mattresses, hospital beds, hotels, senior citizens’ establishments, college dorms, etc. It also transforms disturbing ground radiations into a pure, clockwise spinning electromagnetic field of light.

Instructions for use:

  • It is recommended to wash with the brown P.E.C.A. soap for three consecutive days prior to first using the undermat, since their frequency will help intensely purify the spinal vortexes.

  • Place it underneath the bed sheet, with the larger symbol facing upwards, so it’s below the area of your spine where you feel most intense issues.

  • The smaller symbol, facing down, will transform negative ground radiations or the mattress’s negative vibrations into a healthy, clockwise spinning electromagnetic field.

  • If you experience pain in your spine, turn the symbol so that the inscription is facing the head and the leaves face the feet, for 5 to 9 days. When the pain subsides, turn the undermat in the opposite direction.

  • To mend the energy system, place the undermat under the spine regularly for at least 70 consecutive days; then continue using it until your problems disappear – possibly for several years.

  • If you have multiple injuries, for example on the neck, the lower back and the knees, you may use several undermats simultaneously. Place each undermat under the injured area.

  • The body will release toxins more frequently when using the undermat, so it is recommended that you wash it weekly.

  • Since the symbol is printed, it will slowly begin to fade after about 9 months of weekly washing, gradually losing power and information. So it is recommended to replace the undermat within a year.

It is intended as an energy support for:

  • Anyone who is spending a lot of time in bed recovering.

  • All who experience extreme exhaustion after intense work or night shifts: medical personnel, fire fighters, paramedics, security guards ...

  • Babies and children, especially those who wet the bed, as it’s water resistant.

  • Students and those who mostly have to sit for work. In such cases, place it on the chair.

  • People who are wheelchair-bound. Place it on the seat of the wheelchair in such instances.

  • Use in cars and longer journeys and on aeroplanes, buses and trains. Since it’s portable it can be used in any hotel room or anywhere outside your home.

  • Use on massage tables, in beauty parlours, dentists’ and doctors’ offices and also in hotels, motels, spas, hospitals, etc. Its use in such establishments is especially beneficial as the symbol can transform people’s personal energies which are inadvertently left in their place of stay.

  • Sick pets or other animals.

Structure: energy undermat, with an imprinted P.E.C.A. symbol on either side, is composed of 100 % organically produced cotton and polyurethane coating. It doesn’t slip on surface, is water resistant and pleasant to the touch.
It’s free from magnets and other metals.
It’s antibacterial.
It’s resistant to blood, urine, oil, grease and disinfectants.
Dimension: 50 x 70 cm
Colour: white
Maintenance: wash in a washing machine once a week at 60°C or 95°C, drying in a dryer is not recommended. It is recommended to replace the undermat after 9 months of regular use and discard the old one.
Shrinkage: maximum 6 % in width and length.
Tehnical data: Water permeability according to DIN EN20811: >3000 mm. Water vapour permeability according to DIN53122/Climate B: approx 500g/m2d. Free from formaldehyde.
Produced and distributed by: P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia.