Protection from negative effects of ground radiation.

The P.E.C.A. energy undermat comes with two imprinted P.E.C.A. symbols, one on each side forming their own electromagnetic fields. The larger symbol, which we must place to face the body when in bed, informs the spinal energy centres to receive the energy from the universal electromagnetic field. The smaller symbol, facing the floor, transforms harmful vibrations from the ground, mattress and environment which could harm our frontal or posterior energy vortexes.

Both symbols’ pure universal energy fills a person’s electromagnetic field during rest and protects them from different energy effects of space and people. It energetically transforms radiations, negative ground information and cosmic forces into a pure light vibration.

Upon such rest a person feels inwardly relaxed, energised, willing and capable of being creative during the day.

There are other purposes for which you may use the energy undermat, such as to sit on it, and allow the P.E.C.A. symbol to supply energy directly into the tailbone, genitals, colon, bladder, hips and pelvis.