Eye mask

The eyes are the mirror of the soul – they deserve nothing but the best!

The P.E.C.A. energy eye mask informs two complementary energy vortexes or chakras behind the eyes to re-establish the correct clockwise movement. This provides the eyes with an influx of pure energy from the universal electromagnetic field. They also release the electromagnetic smog from both vortexes that had gathered in the eyes from the distant past until the present. Since the left eye is connected to the sixth or forehead vortex and the right eye to the seventh or crown energy vortex, the P.E.C.A. eye mask also aids the proper activity of both vortexes. Through the meridian system, the right eye is additionally connected to the liver and gall bladder and the left eye to the stomach and spleen.

The P.E.C.A. eye mask is not only a real treat for the eyes, but it gradually leads a person towards an inner psychological balance. They may feel more relaxed, have more energy, be more creative and experience greater advancement in their awareness of self and of the environment in which they live.