It relaxes the energetically blocked parts of your body and fills them with pure energy.

The spelt P.E.C.A. energy cushion with added basil is intended to energise the energetically stalled body parts. The cushion may be placed under any blocked area of the body: the sinus area, the throat, on the abdomen during cramps, on the genitals during menstruations, on the head during headaches or migraines, on the chest for the lungs and bronchi, on the ears …

Spelt shells are natural insulators; they absorb and hold a person’s body heat and then release it back into them. Enriched warmth with the P.E.C.A. symbol’s energy information releases the blocked energy into a flowing, clockwise spinning electromagnetic field. It also provides the power of fresh energy to the exhausted area which enables the tissues to get rid of mucus and energetically regenerate.