Bed sheet

Your room will fill with pure original energy.

The P.E.C.A. energy bed sheet comes with many small P.E.C.A. symbols embroidered in the bamboo fabric. This produces immensely pure and properly flowing high vibratory electromagnetic field. Whenever a person is lying in their back, pure energy provided from this field repairs their entire spinal energy system. It also corrects the energy system of the five main frontal energy vortexes, whenever a person is lying on their stomach. In such position, it also mends the damaged structures of the auxiliary vortexes of the abdomen, the chest and the groin. When lying on the back, it energises both complementary energy vortexes beneath the knees; when lying on the right hip, the liver and gall bladder’s vortex and that of the ascending colon, and when lying on the right hip, the spleen and stomach’s vortex and that of the descending colon.

The energy sheet transforms all personal energies left behind by people in bed mattresses, especially noticeable when a person is very ill and spends a lot of time in bed. It also transforms any possible negative ground radiations into a friendly light clockwise spinning electromagnetic field.

By using the bed sheet a person will sense deep tranquillity, relaxation and relief along with a sense of better rest.