The P.E.C.A. soap - vanilla - 4 pieces

The brown P.E.C.A. energy soap is produced using vanilla extract. It enables a person to better receive Mother Earth’s energy and prepares them for energy healing induced by the other eight soaps. It aids a person’s grounding and purifies nature’s elementals which might linger in their aura.

Product Code: #0P-39-S/9

How does it work?

  • It regularly releases and purifies various states of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and tension, caused by daily situations.
  • It releases and cleanses the electromagnetic vibrations of different machines, such as computer and mobile phones, X-rays and MRIs, etc.
  • In the event of certain medical procedures, chemotherapy, anaesthesia or radiation therapies, it relaxes and purifies a person’s energy field.

Instructions for use:

  • If we wish to thoroughly cleanse the aura or electromagnetic field of unfavourable vibrations then it is imperative to soap the head and body with the P.E.C.A. soap.
  • After the soap has been completely washed from the body we may use our personal cosmetics, such as shampoos or hair conditioners, which have previously been placed on the P.E.C.A. energy mat.
  • It is recommended to dry yourself with the P.E.C.A. towel, and then wrap yourself in it, to preserve the elevated vibrations on your skin and in the aura.
  • The soap must never be halved so that the energy information remains complete.
  • The P.E.C.A. soap is for personal use only; it is intended for a single use and for only one person. What remains of the soap upon use must be discarded as it is toxic due to the dark residues it had collected from the aura.
  • It is recommended we rest for 5-10 minutes upon using the soap.
  • The P.E.C.A. soap may be used daily instead of regular soaps.

It is intended as an energy support:

  • For every individual, but especially hunters, fishermen, gardeners, foresters and others whose job requires them to mostly work in nature.
  • For all who due to their work are constantly in contact with other people: hairdressers, shop assistants, masseuses, civil servants, teachers, etc.
  • For all who are exposed to extreme circumstances at work: police officers, security officers, firemen, paramedics and other medical personnel, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, etc.
  • Especially for those who are, either on a daily basis or during illnesses, exposed to various machines’ electromagnetic radiations.
  • For use in hotels, spas, hospitals, wellness centres, beauty and massage parlours.
  • When travelling because the sudden changes of time zones, new places and the journey itself cause stress to the body and psyche.

Structure: The soap with an imprinted P.E.C.A. symbol is energetically refined and handmade from vegetable fats (palm, coconut, soy, olive, sunflower, castor bean and grapeseed oil), enriched with the powder and aroma of vanilla. The cold process production preserves the natural glycerine within the soap. This additionally moisturises and nourishes the skin, so that upon using the soap, the skin is softer and more elastic. It is free from all animal and industrial fats.
INCI ingredients:Sodium Palmate*/**, Sodium Cocoate*/**, Sodium Olivate*, Glycerin*, Sodium Soyate*, Sodium Sunflowerate*, Sodium Ricinoleate*, Sodium Grapeseedate*, Aqua*, Fragrance, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract*/**, Anise Alcohol***, Benzyl Alcohol***, Benzyl Cinnamate***, Benzyl Salicylate***, Cinnamal***, Coumarin***, Caramel*.
* Ingredients of natural origin (99.9%)
** Ingredients extracted through eco-friendly farming (40.0%)
*** Components of aromas
Nett weight: circa 40 g
Scent: vanilla – a set includes 4 pieces
Produced and distributed by: P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia