The P.E.C.A.® Symbol

All symbols create their own electromagnetic fields but not every symbol has the same electromagnetic power. The P.E.C.A. symbol carries a high potential of pure Original energy, while its electromagnetic field is powerful, pure, and bright. The basic purpose of the P.E.C.A. symbol is that, with its electromagnetic field, it mends the basic electromagnetic fields of people, animals, plants and spaces. We are all literally a part of a vast electromagnetic field that is all around us, but due to often broken and therefore malfunctioning individual energy systems, we are no longer able to absorb the vibrations from this universal field.

The P.E.C.A. symbol works in four consecutive steps, so that it:

  • Purifies the energy system of blockages,
  • Energises the damaged areas,
  • Centralises the energy into an axis or balance
  • Aurally protects from the effects of external disturbing energies.

The electromagnetic field of the P.E.C.A. symbol releases the excessive charge accumulated within a person that was causing problems. The symbol either eases a person’s condition or it completely eliminates it. With its information, it guides the individual energy of a person, an animal, a plant or a space into balance. It also concentrates the energy in those areas where it is most needed. It reaches into five levels of the energy field: the physical or the vital body, the emotional, mental, astral and the intellectual or causal energy body.

The P.E.C.A. symbol works without suggestion or autosuggestion, as evidenced by the numerous positive changes in animals, plants or, for example, on fruits and children. The symbol is free from added metal or magnetic substances. It will never harm anyone as it merely reflects the vital life energy of the universal biofield, and also because the natural law of equilibrium is inscribed in both vibrating triangles that form it.

The P.E.C.A. symbol is the carrier of Peace ~ Energy ~ Creativity ~ Advancement.

The creation of the P.E.C.A.® Symbol

The sincere heart of a person who recognised their purpose of being and the meaning of their life, as well as their compassion for all other beings on this planet, gave rise to the P.E.C.A. symbol. After spending months profoundly entering their most inner depths, this shape glowed to this person in the point between the eyebrows. Let us emphasise that this happened in their homeland, Slovenia.

It was the answer to the question of how to help people in their times of need and how to increase the awareness of their own qualities. The symbol glowed until it was transferred onto fabric. On that same day, in 1996, Matjaž Rupert obtained a light code to activate the full potential of the P.E.C.A. symbol.

The purpose and mission of this shape were revealed to him a bit later. He then set out to create P.E.C.A. products, which are an exceptional inner help to a person on their paths of life, with full responsibility towards the task that he had received.

The energy activation of the P.E.C.A.® Symbol

The P.E.C.A. symbol only becomes an active energy transmitter with full energy potential only upon energy activation. The energy activation is a special process of entering a code message, on the basis of which the electromagnetic field of the symbol then glows in its function. This code message is an activator in the form of a sound, which represents an external collision of the electron particles so that they change their direction of motion along the electron shell, and generate excess light through the core star shape, or proton and neutron information.

As the author of the symbol, Matjaž Rupert is also the bearer of this code message, which activates the electromagnetic field of the P.E.C.A. symbol, unlocking its full potential. Without this process of activation, the symbol is much like a light bulb without electricity. In other words: only a drawn, photographed, embroidered, printed or copied symbol is merely an inactive information absent any reflection of light energy. Only with activation does it achieve one hundred percent energy potential.

The structure of the P.E.C.A.® Symbol

The P.E.C.A. symbol consists of several characters. Each has its own vibration or energy information. This is why the P.E.C.A. symbol works on different levels or areas of a person’s body or psyche.

The P.E.C.A. symbol is a registered trademark ® in Slovenia and internationally:

  • Certified trademark ® of the P.E.C.A. symbol with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, an autonomous body within the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia – no. 200871677, dated 21.10.2008.
  • The P.E.C.A. symbol is also a certified international brand registered in Switzerland – no. 725024, dated 27.1.2000.

The P.E.C.A.® Symbol’s electromagnetic field

An atom is the smallest particle and the basic unit of all living and non-living matter on the planet. It is naturally indivisible and cannot be chemically disassembled. It consists of an atomic nucleus, containing protons and neutrons, and electrons moving around the nucleus forming an electron shell. The binding energy of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus originates from extremely strong forces acting between nuclear particles at very short distances. By supplying external energy in the form of collisions, sounds, radiation or light, the electrons within the shell change their position and begin to reflect energy in the form of LIGHT.

An explanation of the P.E.C.A. symbol’s activity according to Alenka Rupert – Aruna’s expert illustration:

“In an energy sense, the word Atom consists of two words. The syllable AT represents the word atmosphere, in which the purest energy vibration of light and sound vibrates, defined as OM in Sanskrit. So the syllable AT and the syllable OM therefore represent the universal vibration of the primal original sound and light vibrating in the atmosphere of all universal levels, in the smallest particle called the ATmospheric OM or ATOM.

The P.E.C.A. symbol or the Potential of Energy of the Complete Atom operates according to the same principle. The composition of the atom is symbolically inscribed in the characters of the P.E.C.A. symbol. The core of the P.E.C.A. symbol represents the original sound and light written in Sanskrit as OM.

The protons and neutrons in the atom’s nucleus are illustrated by the two triangles that carry powerful codes or natural resources by which we live:

  • DNA or donated natural code: fertility, sensibility, temper, warmth, depth, mobility, fusion with time and space. It corresponds with the forces of Earth.
  • RNA or developmental natural code: creativity, peace, strength, love, wisdom, internal bliss and immortality. It corresponds with the forces of the Universe.

The P.E.C.A. symbol is thus the bearer of an energy affirmation. It creates its very own living and healthy electromagnetic field, which, through its star – the combined vibrating triangles – releases an excess of energy into a vibration of light.”

The very appearance of the P.E.C.A. symbol is designed to purify the energy structures of all blockages and obstacles, thus releasing a fresh inflow of clean energy into our system. This is experienced as if some weight or burden had been released. The P.E.C.A. symbol then restores the proper flow and vibration of an energy centre so that it can supply larger amounts of energy back into the system. This is felt in the form of increased vitality and new inner strength. Next, it repositions the energy centres and energy bodies in the aura back into their own centre of power, or to that primary centre of action that will allow a person to gain perfect balance. They will then again feel more balanced in thoughts, words and actions. In the final stage, it repairs the tears in our energy system so that the energy centre or body becomes a complete unit again. Simultaneously, it protects the system from the effects of harmful external frequencies and vibrations. This restores a person's sense of security, and creates an overall integrity of the biofield or the healthy natural energy state of a living being.

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