Black Cumin products

Wadi Shibam products are made from Ethiopian black cumin seeds. Ethiopia is known for cultivating the highest quality black cumin seeds, also known in Latin as Nigella Sativa. The high quality of the seeds is evidenced by the 99.9% purity certificate, achieved through the careful process of first the mechanical and then the manual cleaning and sorting of the seeds.

Ethiopian black cumin seeds (Nigella Sativa) have an average content of polyunsaturated fatty acids between 61.1% and 62.7%, and one of the highest concentrations of omega-6, regardless of the harvest from which the seeds come.

One of its most active ingredients is thymoquinone.

Black cumin has been known since ancient Egypt where it was highly valued. It is considered one of the most effective plants in traditional medicine and it helps with numerous issues. It can be used both in diet and for body care.

You can choose from the following products made from Ethiopian black cumin seeds: 100% oil, powder, seeds, powder in capsules, massage oil, and hair serum.