Shoe insoles

Grounded in the here and the now

The P.E.C.A. energy shoe insoles are connected to two smaller auxiliary energy vortexes located on the soles and also to the main root energy vortex located near the tailbone. The root energy vortex supplies energy to the entire spine, adrenal glands and both kidneys. The root vortex informs the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as the teeth and nails with the Earth’s energy frequency. Its activity also affects the hair and the entire skin. A properly functioning root vortex supports the correct activity of the crown vortex by attracting energy from the universal field into the system through the top of the head. This provides for a greater balance in thoughts, words and deeds through actions in the here and now.

Psychologically, the shoe insoles provide support to all of those who feel improperly grounded; to those who feel lost and absent-minded or are lacking concentration and orientation in life, with no real sense of existence on this planet and at this moment. Because of this they experience considerable difficulty in realising their thoughts and ideas.