The P.E.C.A. shoe insoles – leather

The P.E.C.A. energy shoe insoles will support you if you feel improperly grounded or if you feel you have more energy in your mind or head rather than in the lower part of your body. They will provide you with an improved inner stability, decisiveness and a greater balance in thoughts, words and actions.

Product Code: #0P-69/ZBIRNI

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The P.E.C.A. shoe insoles mend the damaged activity of the auxiliary vortexes on the feet, which supply the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as the leg’s skin with energy. They also repair the damaged activity of the root energy vortex which provides energy to the entire spine, the adrenal glands and both kidneys.

How do they work?

  • Regular use of the shoe insoles purifies stalled blocked energy of the first or root energy vortex and two auxiliary energy vortexes located on the feet.

  • It energises them with pure, fresh power of the universal energy.

  • It centralises them into a vertical energy axis thus creating a balance of cosmic and terrestrial lines of force or actions and reactions within the body.

  • It heals and strengthens the ruptured and weak membrane of the energy vortexes and aurally protects these structures from harmful vibrations emanating from the earth, footwear or the environment. This increases a person’s sense of security, stability and grounding.

All of this is deeply beneficial to a person’s physical body and the aura or psychological well being. An individual feels calmer, has more energy, is more creative and experiences greater progress and stability in self-awareness and that of the environment in which they live.

Instructions for use:

  • It is recommended to wash your feet with the red P.E.C.A. soap for two consecutive days prior to first using the P.E.C.A. shoe insoles, because the soaps will intensify the vortexes’ purification process rendering the shoe insoles’ activity even more effective.

  •  They may be used daily instead of ordinary shoe insoles.

  • It is recommended they are used regularly for at least 70 consecutive days in order to fully mend the damaged energy vortexes.

  • Then continue using them until the psychological condition, or the troubles in previously mentioned body structures, normalise – possibly for several years.

They are intended as an energy support for:

  • Every individual, regardless of age and sex, who experiences blockages and various health issues in the above mentioned structures or psychological areas.

  •  All who, due to the nature of their work, spend a lot of time standing and feel there is drained strength and tiredness in their legs: medical staff, hospitality personnel, shop assistants, etc.

  • Amateur as well as professional athletes who, because of the mainly rubber sports footwear, are lacking direct contact with the Earth’s vibration and its information.

  • They are suitable for all people and every occasion, they go with either elegant or sports footwear.

  • Medical staff, masseuses, physiotherapists, etc.

Structure: the energy insole with an imprinted P.E.C.A. symbol is made from natural leather and is airy. For increased softness and a better grip latex is added to the bottom part of the insole. There are two insoles in a set – one for the left foot and one for the right.
Size: 35–40, 40–45, the size can be adjusted according to the marked perforation.
Colour: skin
Produced and distributed by: P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o., Ljubljana, Slovenia.