Neck collar

It increases the energy resilience of the lungs, bronchi, thyroid, the digestive tract ...

The P.E.C.A. energy neck collar affects the main throat and neck vortex, which supplies energy to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, tonsils, vocal cords, neck vessels, lymph nodes, cervical vertebrae and the oral cavity, while it also strengthens the lungs, bronchi and the digestive tract.

It enables all these structures to receive a greater inflow of pure primal energy thus leading them towards a more balanced activity. The P.E.C.A. symbol purifies accumulated verbal energies as well as records, impressions and recollections brought forward by the soul as its unconscious part. Special blockages can also exist due to curses, either those of our own making or those of others, recorded at this level as invisible verbal offences.

A properly functioning throat and neck vortex enables a person to feel safe during interaction and communication with others, while simultaneously preventing unfriendly and dark verbal energies of others to harm the mentioned structures.