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The P.E.C.A.® programme gives us back Peace, Energy, Creativity and Advancement.
It represents sincere aid for every individual so that they can reconnect with themselves and find a path to health, vitality, better interpersonal relationships and progress at work.

If you are having any difficulty in applying for the P.E.C.A. programmes you are likely experiencing technical problems, so we would ask that you apply via our email instead: Thank you for your understanding.

Since 9.10.2020 the programmes are conducted exclusively online, via Zoom. The participation fee is 100€/person. Advance registration, via, as well as payment in advance is required.

SPECIAL P.E.C.A. PROGRAMME - part 7 - Awareness of the current world situation and P.E.C.A. help  - 21.10. and 22.10.2023. Anyone who is older than 15 can apply. The price for this programme is 170€. Please send applications to The special programme lasts from 9 a.m till 2 p.m. on both days, Saturday and Sunday.


P.E.C.A. 3 - 23.9. in 24.9.2023
P.E.C.A. 4 - 25.11. in 26.11.2023
P.E.C.A. 7 - 16.12. in 17.12.2023 (cena 170€)
IZREDNA P.E.C.A. - 7.DEL - 21.10. in 22.10.2023 (cena 170€)

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Price From: €117.00

The preliminary programmes must be completed in their respective order prior to applying to the higher levels of the programme. You can apply for the second to the seventh levels of the programme by registering with your username and password.

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You may only attend the programme if you can ensure your attendance for both days, Saturday and Sunday.
The programme levels must be attended in their respective order, from P.E.C.A. 1 onwards. The P.E.C.A. 3 programme may only be attended by those who have put P.E.C.A. 1 and P.E.C.A. 2 in practice.

All levels of the P.E.C.A. programme take place in the form of two-day seminars. They are held on Saturdays (theoretical part between 9:00-14:00) and Sundays (practical part between 9:00-13:00). Since 9.10.2020 the programmes are conducted exclusively online, via Zoom. Advance registration is required due to the necessary preparations for the event. Registration is no longer possible on the last day (Friday) before the event. Because of its contribution to the raising of human awareness, the fee for the programme is accessible to all.