The Legend of King Matjaž and the Peca Mountain / Pecastory

The stage performancep
from 22.12.2016

According to spiritual teachers not one nation should ever forget their myths and legends as they are a part of history, a simple folk impression of a certain time and space. They depict important individuals who carried strength, courage, sacredness and the purity of the mystical truths within them.

Legends often hide answers to a certain nation’s questions. Only those who are true mystics in their hearts can unravel the riddles of forgotten myths and legends.

The wonderful legend of King Matjaž and the Peca Mountain is one of the most impressive epic legends of the Slovene people. Its inscriptions in prose and poetry express a true heart’s desire for the ideal leader of the Slovene nation. However, it also carries an unsolved riddle of the sleeping King Matjaž underneath the Peca Mountain, the mystical number 9 and what it means to awaken this sleeping awareness of Slovenes and what that would signify for the new chapter in the nation’s history.

The legend of King Matjaž and the cosmic Peca Mountain was, for many years, forgotten. It is only right for it to be revived and for the nation to be awakened. The stage performance, as it was, carried a lot of symbolism, knowledge and teachings from the deepest of mystical truths. The author of the script was Alenka Rupert – Aruna who was inspired to create this text by the levels of higher mystical dimensions. It was written down according to her instructions by her student and P.E.C.A. method consultant Miro Jovanović. All of those taking part on stage were P.E.C.A. consultants and were neither amateur nor professional actors. They co-directed and performed the entire play with all their hearts and responsibility. They even provided the costumes and took care of much of the stage requisites. The only acting professional taking part in this play was dramatic actor Aljaž Jovanović who co-created and supplemented their work with his immense talent, knowledge and experience in an especially loving and supportive way.

The legend of King Matjaž
and the Peca Mountain

The first act is an epic tale of a tiny part of Slovene history. It shows two leaders, King Matjaž and his wife Queen Alenka, mystically bound together with the forces of the Universe and Mother Earth. This enables them to rule wholeheartedly over people who immensely respect them, but it provokes envy from other rulers. And although King Matjaž was temporarily forced to retreat with his army fighting the dark forces, and was hidden by the Peca Mountain, this doesn’t mean that darkness has ultimately prevailed over light in these lands. The legend says that once King Matjaž’s beard will wrap itself around the stone table 9 times the Peca Mountain will in all its kindness and light return him back to the people of Slovenia.


The second act of the show depicts the modern time and two souls who interpret the meaning of the old Slovene people’s legend from the mystical levels. Pure awareness guides them and offers Slovenia special help in the time of her darkest hour, before the sleeping spirit of space is awakened beneath the Peca Mountain.

With their hearts devoted to their country and its mystical riddle they receive the help and guidance from higher dimensions necessary to awake the sleeping awareness in Slovenia. This second act exposes the mystical meaning of the number 9, which holds the key to the awakening of positive forces in this place and time, and the exact date and place of this occurrence. This is the international Pecastory here to awaken the sleeping spirit of Slovenia and other nations of the world.

The Pecastory combines legend with modern day reality. It uses the light and sound as the primal awareness of the entire creation and inserts them into a world of darkness absent of values. The Pecastory reawakens the awareness of peace, energy, creativity and advancement in people. Its glory is in its simplicity unifying people in its Love’s embrace.