P.E.C.A. values and mission

The company’s mission

At P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o. we aim to provide a heartfelt and professional approach to aiding people in developing their inner values, so desperately needed in today’s world. We strive to help people reacquire the sense of their life’s importance.

We try to achieve this through our seven stage P.E.C.A. programme, weekly guided meditations, and energy examinations as well as through a special therapeutic approach under the loving guidance of our experienced P.E.C.A. consultants. With expert knowledge and extensive experience in the field of energy medicine, we help people achieve a more balanced and enhanced energy flows, which forms a basis for a healthier, more vital and a fuller life. This especially includes the P.E.C.A. products which play an immense role in supporting people to be closer to their true self, to hear and to follow their inner-essence.

P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. strives to make people aware of their co-responsibility in the process of life, while simultaneously helping them improve its quality.

P.E.C.A. values – at the heart of humanity

Human life is short. You come to this world with nothing, and you leave it without everything you have created. And in the meantime life, for many people, represents nothing but a constant prison of suffering: poverty, disease, emotional torment, sadness upon the passing of our loved ones and never ending worry about the present and the future.

Most people fear life. That is why humanity is skilfully developing defence mechanisms that provide for the masking of that fear, such as societal status, politics, religion, national differences, racial superiority, etc. But behind all these masks we are all very simple individuals. And we yearn for the totally simple things: peace, energy, creativity, advancement.

Peace is an essential value and our unalienable right. The ocean of peace is within us and we can cultivate it through the seven levels of awareness.

Energy is the bread of life. There is no body, vitality, emotion, thought or creative activity without it. The more we absorb it into the seven levels of awareness, the healthier, more vital and happier we become.

Creativity is our fundamental endowment and labour is its value. Every person is handed their abilities in the cradle as a gift. So not a single individual should suffer from deficiency.

Advancement represents the development of human awareness into a wider and deeper understanding of our own existence, meaning and the purpose of being on the seven levels of consciousness.

These values are like a mountain – Peca, rising from the ocean of eternity – Tetis. We cannot physically grasp them but our entire being longs for their fulfilment; it longs to wholesomely experience the grandness and purity of these values.