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Did you know that a person, as a whole, is simply an energy field, full of different information and vibrations?

The more concentrated part of a person's energy field is called the human body and it is visible to our physical senses. The subtler form of the energy field, however, cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can be perceived by modern technological equipment as a lightbody and is called the aura.

Both, the aura and the body, require a constant flow of fresh energy that enters through our energy field, comprised of smaller and larger vortexes designed to absorb that ‘food’. If this energy flows freely and unobstructed into our aura and body, a person is healthy and vital in a physical as well as psychological sense.

Due to the modern way of life, many people suffer from a broken energy system unable to absorb vibrations of light from the universal electromagnetic field, leading to an increase in illnesses. Simultaneously, there are also increases in psychological vulnerabilities in people.

Quantum or energy medicine specialises in mending people’s energy systems; it does not treat the body as matter but perceives everything that forms the human body and aura as a web of information and vibrations.

Here, at P.E.C.A. International, we develop different techniques, products and programmes from the field of quantum or energy medicine, which we consider is a complementary science to official or academic medicine. All our activities are based on an internationally approved P.E.C.A. method or Professional Energy Comprehensive Assistance. This is an independent and measurable energy method that offers a holistic and professional approach to aiding an individual with the help of energy medicine.  

The essence of the P.E.C.A. method is not only to heal or mend a person’s energy field and to create a flow of energy through them, but to transform the awareness of an individual into their noble and divine true self. The basic principle of the P.E.C.A. method is the professional approach to people, with the intent of devoting the following qualities back to humankind:

  • Peace
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Advancement