A company, that serves the people with heart, knowledge, and wisdom.

P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o. as a company is a fairly young business founded only in 2008. It was established on the foundations of the previous company called ŠARM d. o. o., established in 1990.

Both companies were founded by Alenka Rupert - Aruna and Matjaž Rupert, both of whom have been intensively researching and studying the energy structure of people and spaces for more than twenty years, as well as focusing on their own personal development.

P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o. today offers different services from the field of complementary quantum energy medicine. The company’s activities are therefore based upon expert knowledge, years of experience and the excellent apprehension of a person’s or a certain space’s energy system.

The P.E.C.A.® trademark

At P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o. we have developed our own P.E.C.A. trademark. Its name represents the complete method of working with the Energy or the Universal Energy Field. This leads to the development and activation of values required by people throughout the world. These values are:

  • Peace as inner peace
  • Energy as vital energy
  • Creativity as creativeness
  • Advancement in a material as well as a spiritual sense

Three basic services therefore comprise the P.E.C.A. trademark: consultancy, education and the development of products.

The principal activity

The P.E.C.A.® services

The principal activity of P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o. is consultancy. It encompasses a wide variety of P.E.C.A. services offered by our consultants to a group or an individual seeking help for life’s distresses. We have developed energy examinations of the body, aura and space, with which we can determine the causes for energy imbalances that can often lead to further issues and illnesses. We have also established a professional approach to the energy healing of the aural field and the flows of energy in the body and space.

The support activity

The P.E.C.A.® programme

The P.E.C.A. programme is a seven-level course educating an individual about the natural laws of nature and the Universe, by which people should abide, in order to keep their energy systems properly nourished, balanced and healthy.

The complementary activity

The P.E.C.A.® products

P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL d. o. o.’s complementary activity is the production and selling of value added products under our own P.E.C.A. trademark. The P.E.C.A. products have their own electromagnetic field without added metal parts and pass on peace, energy, creativity and advancement.

The purpose of the P.E.C.A. services, programmes and products transcends their homeland’s borders, as already suggested by the P.E.C.A. initials, and it truly leads people, in line with these values, towards the transformation of their awareness. All three of P.E.C.A.’s activities enable people to return to their inner peace, raise their level of vital energy, have a more lively and creative spirit and to advance in the awareness of their own existence.

is the recipient of the International Creditworthiness
Certificate of Excellence

The company P.E.C.A. International d.o.o. has received the International Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence in the years of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. This internationally acclaimed recognition awarded by the Bisnode credit rating agency, places P.E.C.A. International d.o.o. amongst the top companies in Slovenia who regularly achieve the highest standards of business practices. More on this here.