P.E.C.A. Siberian chaga mushroom - 60 g

Source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
The chaga mushroom, also known as Inonotus Obliquus, is a parasitic tree mushroom which feeds primarily on the sap of the trees on which it grows.
Due to its many health benefits, the Siberian chaga mushroom is highly valued in Russian domestic pharmacy. It is rich in amino acids, dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Product Code: #0P-ETP-4-1

How to use:
The recommended daily allowance is 6 g or about 1 to 2 teaspoons. To prepare tea with the chaga powder, pour 2 dcl of boiling water over 1 teaspoon (3 g) of the powder, then let it stand for half an hour, strain and serve. The chaga powder can also be added into mueslis, cereals, smoothies, juices, nuts and yoghurts. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and healthy diet.
To be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Average nutritional value for 6 g: Energy value 11.4 kcal (47 kJ).
Fats 0.31 g, fibres 0.59 g, protein 1.25 g, salt < 0.01 g, calcium 0.24 g (30% RDA*).
*RDA – recommended daily allowance

Storage: Well closed, in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.
Nett weight: 60 g of powder
Origin: Russia/Siberia
Quality: premium