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“In early 2017 I struggled with unpleasant sensations in my body: chills, squeezing in my throat, heart pounding, unbearable headaches and dizziness. The fear of these unusual sensations threw me into panic. I was completely burnt out and exhausted (I was unable to sleep at all for as long as four days and nights in a row). This lasted for six months. The horror I experienced cannot be described in words.

I could feel I was breathing better even after just the first aural healing therapy. After 70 days had passed, I slept better and could sleep all night. I was able to go back to work for a full 8 hours. After the second therapy my condition improved further: there were no more strange chills in my body while the other symptoms also gradually disappeared. The panic is gone as well; however, I provide a lot more attention to myself and have more self-confidence. I was afraid to die, but now I am afraid of not LIVING, truly living.

My experience with P.E.C.A. is much more than the added value in the quality of my life. Thank you for all the help when I wasn’t able to do it alone, and for realising what I can do on my own."

Indira Bečirević, Novo mesto, Slovenia

"In the first month of his life my son Bor developed eczema on his face, which spread daily and increasingly deepened into the epidermis. He was hospitalised and diagnosed with an allergy – atopic dermatitis. In addition to standard medicine we also searched for other forms of help. All methods focused on the digestive system yet none provided an answer as to why there. We became familiar with the P.E.C.A. method and a karmic personal energy examination was performed for Bor. It showed that Bor was exposed to several stressors from the environment in which he lived, as well as other energy blockages in his digestive system. After the gradual elimination of karmic causes according to the P.E.C.A. method, and the following of instructions, Bor's health improved visibly day by day. After less than five months, the life in our family was back on track."

Barbara in Aleš Šprah, Kamnik, Slovenia

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