Programme - testimonials

I am very grateful to have come in contact with the P.E.C.A. method at just the right moment in my life. After just the first programme I felt this strength in me, urging me to take a step towards myself, to accept myself and to start accepting others. I was surrounded by immense joy. I have attended the initial P.E.C.A. programmes a few more times, yet very often a desire emerges within me to rejoin the company of heart-warming people. I relax on the programme, fill myself with incredible energy, open up to new knowledge and realisations, and just simply enjoy myself. I have learnt that I am “love in existence and existence in love”.

Tanja Jakupec, Slovenia

I was very excited both over the P.E.C.A. 1 as well as the P.E.C.A. 2 programme. I am honestly even more excited about myself and my own transformation that the P.E.C.A. programme began in me. Even though the programme shook my thought patterns and principles of operation to their very core, it nevertheless feels extremely close to me. I was transformed from a “miserable know-it-all” to a “joyful student”. I have, however, become just a wee bit impatient for the new knowledge and realisations that I suspect and expect in the following levels of this programme.

Miro Jovanovič, Šenčur, Slovenia

The P.E.C.A. programme for the development of personal values, which nowadays I am so happy to attend, each time clears me of more mental, emotional and energy clutter, provides me with an incredible amount of clean, fresh energy, centres me not only on my life’s path but also within me, and time and time again gently reveals to me new levels of awareness and the subsequent progress that follows.

Peter Vilman, Mojstrana, Slovenia

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