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For four months I had problems with my vision. Everywhere I looked, I constantly saw dark, moving particles appearing before my eyes. I decided to give the P.E.C.A. energy eye mask a try. After only two months, the flying debris in front of my eyes almost completely disappeared. I now also feel much better; I have more energy and have noticed how my concentration at work has increased. I recommend the P.E.C.A. eye mask to everyone.

Karmen Kokalj, Kranj, Slovenia

I was experiencing considerable bouts of fear, anger and subconscious arguing with myself about what was right and what was wrong. I felt as though all of the thought patterns had come into my consciousness at the exact same time. This manifested itself one day in the form of an attack of uncontrollable fear, so I asked the P.E.C.A. symbol for help. I wrapped a small note in the P.E.C.A. symbol. I did this in an instant and without any expectations. After just 15 minutes, I felt as though someone was pulling a heavy burden from my back and chest area, down towards my legs and out through my feet. Since then, the attacks of subconscious fear have no longer occurred in such a severe form.

Gabrijela Jevšenak, Velenje, Slovenia

The P.E.C.A. bed sheet is phenomenal in every way. This is the first sheet that doesn’t wrinkle after a few nights’ sleep and, with which my husband agrees, is extremely pleasant to the touch. If I ache somewhere, I subconsciously place that part of my body on the P.E.C.A. sheet: for example, if my lower back hurts, I turn and lie on my back, if my stomach hurts, I turn on my stomach. I am very pleased with it. When it’s dirty, I wash it, dry it in the dryer and have it back on the bed by the evening.

Alenka Peterlin, Grosuplje, Slovenia

In 2013 I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident that almost cost me my life. The result: punctured lungs, broken ribs, shoulder blade and collarbone, broken wrists, broken toes, strained knee ligaments and an almost completely disfigured right leg from the knee down. My foot and ankle were practically gone, as those bones exploded due to a strong blow from the inside, and there was almost nothing left of the Achilles tendon. Amputation was seriously considered by my doctors, but the doctor who was on duty thankfully decided not to go through with it, virtually at the last minute before the operation.

After I emerged from a critical condition, my wife began placing the small P.E.C.A. towel under my leg, and the large P.E.C.A. towel under my head and chest. Later, I also started using the wristbands and the socks containing the P.E.C.A. symbol. I also used the P.E.C.A. mat to energise liquids and the placemat for food. During my recovery I underwent thirteen complex surgeries and my injuries always healed unusually quickly. It all seemed a bit miraculous even to the medical staff that cared for me during my rehabilitation. The powerful electromagnetic field of the P.E.C.A. symbol helped relieve my pain. Because of this, the pain was bearable enough for me and I didn’t require any painkillers. I preferred to keep them in the drawer.

Just four months after the accident, and to the huge astonishment of my doctors, a new Achilles tendon formed and it grew nicely into the heel and connected to the foot. After only five months I was able to walk without the crutches.

Doctors tell me I'm a miracle boy. Instead, I am just immensely grateful to all the doctors, medical staff and the P.E.C.A. symbol. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

David Kozjek, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I am 30 years old and I mostly use a computer for work, sometimes for as much as 10 hours a day. Since the movements with the mouse are mostly repetitive and quite specific, my right wrist began to hurt: the pain was especially strong at the end of the working day and towards the end of the week. My mother suggested I try helping myself with the P.E.C.A. symbol. I decided to give it a try since I really had nothing to lose. After a week, the pain had significantly subsided. At first I wore it day and night. When the pain started to subside, I only used it at night. The pain then gradually completely disappeared and now it appears only occasionally, after I intensively use the computer. When that happens I again use the P.E.C.A. symbol during the night to help myself and in a few days the pain disappears.

Mojca Pušlar, Vrhnika, Slovenia

I took two apples of the early variety, which looked exactly the same, and carried them to the attic where the temperatures last year were very high. I put one apple on the Styrofoam. This apple rotted, became mouldy and dried out almost immediately (left apple in the picture). The second apple first fell down out of my hand for two metres and then rolled down the stairs a few more times. I placed this battered apple on the P.E.C.A. symbol located on the sock.

Both apples lay together on Styrofoam one metre apart. The apple on the P.E.C.A. symbol didn’t rot at all: it changed its appearance a bit but stayed somehow fresh (right apple in the picture).

I also left both apples in the attic during the winter, when it got down to -15°C. The apple on the P.E.C.A. symbol turned brown like a banana does when it’s exposed to the cold.

Franc Aljančič, Naklo, Slovenia

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