Personal development - testimonials

After twenty years of intensive pedagogical work, constant concerts, organising numerous projects and educations, I found myself in a state of total physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion, desperately searching for help. Due to that strenuous lifestyle I was frequently falling ill and the medical examinations never led to lasting improvements. I was desperately looking for alternative help in a flood of energy aid and gadgets.

I started my P.E.C.A. method treatment first by going through a cellular and then a karmic personal examination. I began using numerous P.E.C.A. products (undershirt, underpants, socks, soaps, undermat, mats, food supplements, towels …) which provided my physical body with the necessary support. This way I was able to receive the appropriate dose of energy healing on a daily basis which in turn affected my health. I participated in many programmes which helped me to turn inwards and begin realising my patterns of behaviour and to uncover the meaning and purpose of life. These programmes offer support and are always interesting because they divulge life’s wisdoms and depths. What I like most is the fact that I can consciously use the acquired knowledge and information in practice.

Writing on the recapitulation sheets helped me surrender unhealthy attachments in relationships, distress and anguish. Whenever I couldn’t confide in someone I would write all that I wasn’t able to say on the sheet with the P.E.C.A. symbol. I find myself delving ever deeper and uncovering new, hidden sides of me, which is what liberates me.

Through daily meditation I manage to keep and nurture contact with myself. I am growing increasingly calm and focused, which gives me strength and stability to more easily accept daily unpredictable situations and challenging interpersonal relationships. During Thursday’s weekly guided meditations I receive additional support from Aruna and Matjaž.

Matjaž and Aruna’s energy therapies weren’t always pleasant, as I was gradually faced with everything that was preventing me from progressing. But that loving sobriety was merely a phase that I had had to endure. I am aware of the grace that I am given with every single therapy, for which I am eternally grateful.

I realise now that I have received much more than I had initially anticipated. The comprehensive support of the P.E.C.A. programme continually brings peace into my life, together with vital energy, creativity and advancement, 24 hours a day.

Alenka Zupan, Koper, Slovenia

What I most took away from the P.E.C.A. programmes was that I was responsible for my actions. I began to see life differently when I was first introduced to the programme 4 years ago. I am grateful for all the realisations. I’m calmer and know better what to do. After the cleansing of my business premises the communication with my employees improved, and I know that certain clients who did not have the best intentions left and new ones came. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I feel better when wearing the P.E.C.A. undergarments and I sleep better on the P.E.C.A. bed sheet. Our family regularly uses the P.E.C.A. products; we can’t imagine life without them. I’m thankful for getting to know the P.E.C.A. path and I feel that this is the right path for me.

Dejan Plevel, Stahovica, Slovenia

We all know the proverb: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I would like to expand this to say: when the student is truly prepared, the right teacher will surely appear and bring with them all the necessary knowledge that we, in that moment, truly need and are able to receive. In March 2015 two teachers, Alenka Rupert – Aruna and Matjaž Rupert, entered my life.

When Aruna first performed an energy measurement according to the international P.E.C.A. method, I was in very poor health with little energy. It seemed to me as though I was in a dead end. I wasn’t able to find a way out due to the circumstances that I myself was allowing. In recent years I have become increasingly authentic, able to live as I am and express my talents. Before, I was constantly adapting, living in fear, desperately trying to please others and deny myself in many aspects. Now, I live a more fulfilled and joyous life and understand the universal laws, myself and, of course, others. The quality of my life has increased substantially in the past three years.

Because of a changed understanding and new found respect for all living beings I have become a vegetarian. This improved my overall health. The P.E.C.A. products additionally visibly help me and I can feel their effects.

The P.E.C.A. meditation helps me find inner peace. All of this is reflected in my life and in my reactions to daily events. Ever since I started meditating according to the P.E.C.A. method, the severe migraines that had accompanied me for 40 years have now completely disappeared. I recommend Peca, as I affectionately call it, to all wishing to connect with their inner self, with their potentials and creativity and with respect for everything there is. To achieve peace in thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

Alma Ortar, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Matjaž suffered a severe heart attack in March of last year. The Emergency centre in Novo mesto needed 14 hours to stabilise him enough for his transfer to the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana. After two days in intensive care the head of the department informed me that his heart muscle was severely damaged, but that wasn’t the only problem: X-ray showed a tumour on his lungs. Despite the fact that he urgently needed heart valve surgery, the surgeons were reluctant to perform it due to the presence of the tumour. They predicted that the tumour would bleed during the procedure and Matjaž wouldn’t survive it. “Our hands are tied” they said, which reverberated through my mind.

In shock, I decided to call Mr and Mrs Rupert, who selflessly responded to my plea for help. They conducted an energy healing of Matjaž’s aura. Two days later the doctor told me that the tumour seemed slightly less pronounced. “This doesn’t mean anything, it’s still there” she said, trying not to get my hopes up, but I knew exactly that the therapy’s first effects were already showing. During the month that Matjaž had spent in the UMC in Ljubljana, the tumour constantly continued to shrink, although the doctors were still determined not to go ahead with his heart valve operation. His heart was “responding unexpectedly well” to the intravenous medications, and I knew deep in my heart that this, too, was a positive effect of the energy therapy.

When Matjaž was released into home care he was extremely weak, had trouble breathing and was unable to handle any kind of physical strain. But he was alive! The examination of the cellular aura’s energy provided him with a lot of assistance. Matjaž regularly chanted the P.E.C.A. vibratory words, performed breathing exercises and constantly wore the energy shirt with the P.E.C.A. symbol. He changed his diet and tried to get as much exposure to sunlight and its warmth as possible, especially for his chest. He also observed the sunrise and sunset daily. As was advised, he also regularly drank the P.E.C.A. tea, Air’s Liberty. By summer, Alenka and Matjaž Rupert had performed two more energy healings of his aura.

In August of that year CT of the lungs indicated that the tumour was gone. Doctors, baffled by the results, concluded that it must have been an “atypical pneumonia with a special infiltrate”. The ultrasound of the heart showed that the leakage of the two heart valves had been corrected from “very severe regurgitation” to “moderate regurgitation”. In September of last year Matjaž was ready for surgery that would replace two heart valves. During the operation the surgeon decided to surgically repair them instead of replacing them with plastic, as both valves appeared to be in a “surprisingly good condition” compared to how they had seemed upon Matjaž’s heart attack. After the operation Matjaž underwent an additional aural energy healing, which led to an easier and faster recovery after such a difficult procedure. A year after his heart attack Matjaž is able to chop wood and shovel snow. He is physically active, walks a lot and is generally in good shape.

Dalja Mali on behalf of her husband Matjaž Mlinar, Mirna Peč, Slovenia

I first heard about P.E.C.A. International and Mrs Alenka Rupert – Aruna from my psychotherapist. Several problems and questions kept appearing to me in the midst of an intensive psychotherapeutic process; problems to which she, although an otherwise highly qualified and perceptive expert whom I greatly respected, could not help find solutions to. I wandered in total darkness, in a vicious circle of fear, panic and anxiety.

I decided to turn to P.E.C.A. International based on the feeling that I had had when reading the about the company's activities and the mission of the people that worked there.

As I look back now at myself and the life that I had lived prior to learning about the P.E.C.A. method, and before the help that I had been blessed to receive, I see a totally different person, one that is in constant fear, anguish and darkness. The personal karmic energy examination, along with the subsequent procedures that followed it, relieved me of a lot of unnecessary suffering. The products with the P.E.C.A. symbol have and still are supporting me on my journey.

To trust is hard, I know, especially when embarking upon the path of understanding your hardships, life and yourself. Doubt is almost an integral, perhaps even a healthy part of us, as it can deter us from the wrong people of which there are many in this world. But to whomever will read this I only wish to convey the following: the P.E.C.A. method is True Knowledge. It brings peace, energy, creativity and advancement to one’s life. The people that represent it are genuine, true in their intentions and devoted to their work, which is more of a mission to them than a business. Through my ordeal I have been transformed from a distrusting, doubtful, distressed person into someone who deeply respects and trusts the P.E.C.A. method, the symbol and the people that are behind it.

Peter Vilman, Mojstrana, Slovenia

I didn't know I was sick. Apart from looking quite poorly at the time I wasn't in any real pain. The P.E.C.A. method energy examination clearly showed that I had energy blockages in my thyroid and adrenal glands. Official medicine confirmed this and I was prescribed medication. After the P.E.C.A. energy procedures and using the P.E.C.A. energy products, my condition began to rapidly improve. At my first check-up the doctors already reduced the dosage of my medication, which I was then instructed to further reduce on a weekly basis until their discontinuation. They were stunned, as was I, that everything had been improved so surprisingly quickly. For this, I owe a special thank you to Mrs Aruna for her help and support.

Alojz Buzeti, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

I overcame stuttering and fear of my mother. I'm calmer. I've learned to let my feelings out, so whenever I feel hurt or down I write on the recapitulation sheet. The P.E.C.A. towel helps me if my stomach hurts; I place it on my tummy and it soothes me so I can fall asleep. I'm very happy that I have stopped eating meat. I feel especially safe because my father and his partner attend the P.E.C.A. programmes. I feel that the three of us are very connected. And that makes my heart warm.

Shea Plevel (10 years), Stahovica, Slovenia

I first encountered the P.E.C.A. method in the autumn of 2015, a year after I had been left alone with two children, then aged 6 and 7. After my partner left me for someone else, I spent a long time searching for answers to why me, where did I mess up, how was I to forgive him and myself and optimistically continue with my life. Despite my body signalling me for several years that something wasn't quite right, I managed to suppress most of it and pretend not to notice anything. By the time I reached my thirties I had already suffered from high cholesterol, fatty liver (despite an athletic lifestyle and an alcohol-free diet), acne, irregular periods and fear of the world and myself.

P.E.C.A. handed me the tools and opened my eyes to see life the way it had been taught by the great masters. After two-and-a-half years of intense self-work, with the help of daily meditation, after changing my diet, wearing the undergarments, individual therapies with Mrs Aruna, after the energy cleansing of our apartment and monthly attendances of the programmes, I can once again taste the “sweetness” of life. Our family life has settled down and got back on track. The kids are also excited about their P.E.C.A. undershirts and bed sheets. I can’t remember the last time I took a pill for my headache; I haven’t been to the doctor for three years. I’ve learned to forgive and accept people for who they are, no longer expecting anything in return. My fears have vanished. Each programme brings forth new insights and one of my latest realisations is that the Universe always maintains balance: a departure of one person from my life was balanced with the arrival of a hundred others, all of whom make me feel accepted and relaxed. There is always a light, albeit small sometimes, at the end of the tunnel and there are no coincidences. P.E.C.A. – THANK YOU!

Tanja Potočnik, Škofja Loka, Slovenia

In the summer of 2005 spots appeared on my son Matevž’s arms and torso when we were by the sea. First a red dot, watery, orange scab that then began to spread outward. They also appeared on his eyelid just above his lashes with rashes appearing where his arms and legs fold. It also started to increasingly itch. An allergist in Ljubljana performed skin tests and found no evidence for any proven allergies, so she diagnosed him with atopic dermatitis. As instructed, Matevž was given some syrup while the affected areas were cared for with the recommended creams. But his skin wasn’t getting any better.

Matevž was hospitalised in Jesenice due to severe »scratches« on his face. He was put on a strict diet, received daily doses of medrol and antibiotics, and was treated with various creams. But as weeks went by no major improvements occurred, the skin even deteriorated a few times.

In June 2007 Matevž and I first came to Aruna for our first energy examination according to the P.E.C.A. method. I already noticed a few things during the examination that made me think that Mrs Aruna just might be able to help Matevž. She recommended a meat-free diet for Matevž and we decided to try it out. In July 2007, after the aural energy cleansing and the cleansing of our apartment according to the P.E.C.A. method, Matevž’s condition improved greatly. We went on holiday by the sea that same month but Matevž refused to go into the water for the first 8 days since his skin injuries still burned. But after those 8 days we simply couldn’t get him out of water; nothing burned him any longer and he was thoroughly enjoying himself. After that it only got better. Matevž visited “his kind Aruna” on a monthly basis and could hardly wait for the appointment. He completely surrendered to her and trusted her. Ever since the examination Matevž no longer has urinary problems or constipation.

Today, a year after his first appointment with Aruna, Matevž is completely free of any kind of spots, rashes, etc. We are immensely thankful to Mrs Aruna for all that she has done for our Matevž. With Matevž’s skin healthy our family life has changed as well. Now that our child is healthy, we as parents can be more relaxed and unburdened, so our family relations are better, too. Mrs Alenka, from the bottom of my heart – thank you again.

Vanja Zuljan, Žirovnica, Slovenia

A few years ago I was emotionally drained. The relationship with my partner was falling apart, so was our business, his daughter came to live with us and all of this exhausted me. I suffered from anxiety attacks and bursts of anger. I spent an enormous amount of energy on his daughter, who had experienced trauma, was stuttering and hysterically crying. After the P.E.C.A. therapy and upon attending the P.E.C.A. 1 and 2 programmes, my life changed. It was as if I had been awakened. Writing on the P.E.C.A. recapitulation sheets was always a relief, while the soaps and undergarments gave me the support to get through the day. I know I’m on the right path now. My partner and I got married, after our offices were cleansed the business and the relationships improved, while my partner’s daughter stopped stuttering and became calmer. Whenever I feel distress I place the P.E.C.A. towel on my chest and I immediately feel better and fall asleep. I’m grateful for all the insights I have received.

Olivera Plevel, Stahovica, Slovenia