The P.E.C.A.® Method

The P.E.C.A.® method or Professional Energy Comprehensive Assistance represents a new and comprehensive professional complementary medicine’s approach towards man. It is based on a deepened knowledge of a person’s, animal’s or a place’s energy structure and activity.

The P.E.C.A.® method is comprised of three ways to professionally help people:

  • P.E.C.A.® energy services

  • P.E.C.A.® programme for values development

  • P.E.C.A.® energy products

Illness is an opportunity for a person's transformation.

The P.E.C.A.® services for self-healing


The P.E.C.A.® services are focused on researching the electromagnetic field of the human body, its energy field or aura, or of a place.


The P.E.C.A.® services offer the individual

  • A look into the general energy condition of a person’s physical body, aura or that of a place.

  • Awareness of their areas of blocked energy and the revelation of why this arose.

  • Personal solutions which help restore the energy balance and eliminate different imbalanced conditions.

  • An insight into a person’s or a place’s energy condition before and after the therapeutic treatment.

Three basic P.E.C.A.® measurements and interpretations of the electromagnetic fields have been developed.


To be human is to be divine embraced by divine awareness.

The P.E.C.A.® programme for values development


The P.E.C.A.® programme heals a person’s entire energy system so that they can accept more peace and pure energy from the universal field.


The P.E.C.A.® programme enables the individual

  • To become aware of the forces that entrap them, the sources of their issues and why they cannot progress.

  • To get acquainted with the laws of the nature and the universe.

  • To correctly and independently develop a contact with the deepest part of self.

  • A personal evolution of peace, energy, creativity and advancement.

  • An improvement in the quality of their lives, both in terms of physical well-being and psychological stability.

The P.E.C.A.® programme is divided into seven stages.

Each level discusses one of our vital parts of life or awareness of our existence on this planet. Each stage is comprised of a balanced amount of theoretical and practical part. Because of the raising of awareness, the levels follow each other consecutively from stage one to seven.


To don light is to find a source of inner strength.

P.E.C.A.® products for self-support


The P.E.C.A.® products have a high frequency, clockwise-spinning electromagnetic field which releases blocked energy of people, animals, plants and places, as well as food and water into a properly flowing energy.

The essence of all P.E.C.A.® energy products is the P.E.C.A.® symbol with four basic principles of activity:

  • Purification of the energy system of certain blockages,

  • Energising of damaged areas,

  • Centralising the energy into an axis or the centre's core,

  • Aurally protects from the influences of outer energies.

Its functions are scientifically confirmed.

The P.E.C.A.® energy products are meant for everyday use, either during the day or night, for personal care and for an energetically healthier consumption of foods and drinks.

Based on our knowledge of the energy principles we can help you define your problems and consult you on what type of assistance you require.

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